A curated, intimate discussion with thought leaders designed to vet, debate, and ultimately spark ideas that will set the course for our collective technological future.

Join Us for “The Rise of Artifical Intelligence”

February 22, 2017

5:30-8:00 AT&T Foundry

Technology has enabled artificial intelligence to make major advancements faster than ever. Once sci-fi theories, innovations such as virtual personal assistants and autonomous vehicles are now expected in the near future. The AI market is estimated to jump from 8 billion in 2016 to 47 billion in 2020. What is fueling this growth and how will we get there?

With AI expected to play a role in everything from business decision-making to entertainment, where will we see the biggest impact? What ethical issues arise with the evolution of AI? What is the role of regulation and how can we address the risks of AI like bias, security, and unemployment?

Join Ericsson and AT&T Foundry as we speak with Tim Chang, “The Creative Guru” of Mayfield Fund to explore the future of artificial intelligence with moderator Andrew Keen.

The Futurecast Technology Innovation Series

The Futurecast Technology Innovation Series is a series of discussion-based events that bring together leaders in technology, government, business and beyond. Featuring guests like Sebastian Thrun, Gavin Newsom, and Steve Case, the discussions revolve around how technology is shaping our world. Each event focuses on a single topic, such as wearables, the use of technology in government, or online education resources. Our attendees debate and challenge one another to vet current solutions and propose new ones to move our collective technology future forward.

What makes Futurecast unique?

Futurecast is a curated, intimate discussion with thought leaders designed to vet, debate, and ultimately spark ideas that will set the course for our collective technology future. To date, more than 600 industry leaders and visionaries have attended Futurecast. Attendees include entrepreneurs, government officials, investors, academics, authors and media. We film the sessions, and make the content available on various media sites.

For highlights, see Past Events.

Outcomes of Futurecast

The goal of Futurecast is to move the conversation forward on a specific topic via a salon-type discussion, rather than one-way sharing. We aim to engage partners in the space with the best possible outcome being a follow-up project or partnership between the Foundry and participating organizations.

Futurist Reports

The AT&T Foundry, Ericsson, and RocketSpace introduce The Futurist Reports, an inside look into the technologies of tomorrow. In this series, we dig into technologies and trends while highlighting key insights that are reshaping entire industries and our world at-large. Each report includes an industry-wide view from a diverse array of leading experts and features select startups at the forefront of technology. We delve into broader business implications of these technologies and explore indicators such as collaborations, investments, market demands, and technology advancements.