Introducing The Futurist Reports
In this series of research reports, the AT&T Foundry, Ericsson, and RocketSpace take an inside look into the technologies of tomorrow. We dig deeper into technologies and trends, while highlighting key insights that are reshaping entire industries and our world at-large. Each report takes an industry-wide view from a diverse array of leading experts and features select startups at the forefront of technology. We delve into broader business implications of these technologies and explore indicators such as collaborations, investments, market demands, and technology advancements.

Report #3:  The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Experience
Though artificial intelligence (AI) has been a research focus for over fifty years, only in the last decade has it become popular for enterprise and consumer use. Falling costs for back-end technologies and capital investments from major brands have allowed for AI to prove itself successful in a variety of use cases — and the efficiency and accuracy of the technology continues to garner attention from researchers and business leaders alike.

To better understand developments in the AI space, we interviewed over 50 successful entrepreneurs, executives and academics leading the charge on new technologies and applications. We developed 5 bold projections that showcase how AI will impact the consumer experience in coming years.

Report #2:  The Future of Entertainment
The entertainment industry is undergoing a radical transformation. We see vast shifts in the way media is created, distributed, and experienced. The rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming is changing how shows and channels are packaged and distributed. Technology players are collapsing the barriers for content distribution and content creation. Advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and the greater influence of our social sphere are impacting how we discover content. The assistant of the future for whom you beckon with your voice is emerging as a key interface for exploring your world and entertaining you. Millennials and Generation Z are not simply Digital Natives but increasingly Mobile Natives, refining the entertainment landscape with them.

This got us thinking. Are we entering into a new era of video consumption? Is entertainment as we know it going through a generational shift? Who are the players of the future and what will shape the future of entertainment?

To find out, we interviewed 100+ leading innovators, executives, and researchers pushing this industry forward. From these perspectives, we developed 10 Bold Projections to showcase how entertainment will fundamentally reshape our lives in the coming decade. Of course, not all of these predictions may become a reality, but AT&T Foundry certainly intends to do its part in fostering innovation in the entertainment ecosystem.

Report #1:  The Future of Drones According to AT&T Foundry
The AT&T Foundry began evaluating the far-reaching impact of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in 2015. What was most surprising was how important connectivity is to the entire ecosystem. Without connectivity, the drone industry cannot evolve. This got us thinking. The drone market is exciting, full of promise, and growing fast. In 2015 alone, investors poured close to half a billion dollars of venture capital into drone-related startups. How might the world change when drones fill the sky?

To better understand the drone revolution, we interviewed dozens of successful entrepreneurs, executives at global corporations, academics at top research institutions, and government officials who are all playing a part in leading the drone charge and shaping this future.

We developed 10 Bold Projections, to showcase how drones might fundamentally reshape our lives from how we learn to how we work and connect. Of course, not all of these predictions may become reality and, for the ones that do, AT&T may not ultimately play a role in bringing them to market. But AT&T certainly intends to do its part in fostering innovation in the drone ecosystem.